How Do I Choose an Entertainer?

I understand. There are millions of venues and even more acts wanting gigs. So how do you choose an entertainer who won’t drop as many bombs as a Michael Bay movie?


Professional or Hobbyist

Ask if your entertainer does this full time or if it is a “weekend warrior” mindset. 


Watch their demo, check out reviews and recommendations and speak to them directly. Booking agents will tell you their client is the greatest thing since sliced bread. That’s fine unless you're gluten-free. Do your homework. Find a personality that appeals to you.


A birthday party magician and a corporate illusionist offer packages germane to their abilities and expertise. Be very afraid when someone says they do it all; unless it’s me. I’m the total package of entertainment. Do I do birthday parties? Yes. Do I do corporate events, cruise ships, colleges etc.? You bet. If you’re looking for a stage illusion show, I have a particular set of skills, but I’m allergic to cats so no appearing tigers or Las Vegas type grand show props are utilized.


Why book me, Marvin Morrell?

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  • 30 plus years of experience at theaters, colleges and universities across the country, as well as appearances with local, national and worldwide corporations.


  • Magic is my primary focus, but I can bring you stand up comedy for all occasions, along with music to provide you and your guests a multi-layered event filled with variety; all while bringing family-friendly clean entertainment.



  • By utilizing a minimalist technique, I can offer show packages that pack small, but play big. By doing this, I can bring you an incredible magical experience at a fraction of the cost. (Translation: You get your money’s worth and a whole lot more for a whole lot less.)


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